Saturday, September 25, 2010

Throw Pillow Slip Cover - Made by Me!

What's this? Something that I actually made? AND I'm posting about how I did it!?

I've been meaning to make a slip cover for this pillow form since I was pregnant with Brady... He's now 20 months old. It was originally meant to be made into a Disney Princess pillow for my niece. (I can't find the fabric any more. Opps.) So for now it has a Chargers slip cover in honor of my football team!
(Go Bolts!)

So here's how I did it:
1. I started with a pillow form that I bought from Walmart long, LONG ago. It measures 13" x 13". (Seems like a weird size to me, but that's what it is...)
2. Cut one big square measuring 14" x 14". (Added 1/2" all around for the seams.)
3. Cut 2 small rectangles measuring 9.5" x 14". (These pieces are the same length as the square piece on the long edge. The short edge is the length (14") divided in half  and add 2.5" ) Make sense?
4. I used a drinking glass to help me round the edges for a neater look. Rounded all 4 corners of the square piece and the top 2 and bottom 2 of my rectangle pieces.

5. Next I did a straight stitch across the edges of the straight sides of the rectangle pieces. Folding the fabric over twice to hide the raw edges.
6. Once I finished sewing, it was time to pin everything in place. Right sides together I pinned the top rectangle piece to the square. Then I pinned the bottom rectangle to the square.. overlapping the top rectangle.

7. When every thing was pinned in place I sewed around the entire square. Starting and stopping in the same place. 
8. Turn the slip cover right side out and stuff your pillow!


All finished and sitting nicely on my rocking chair. 
When football season is over I'll probably make a new slip cover to match our living room a little bit better. :)

I see more slip covers in my future now that I've realized how easy the are to make without using a zipper. Zippers are something I haven't mastered yet. They intimidate me!

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