Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Can Sew Again!

Last night my hubby took me out to buy a new sewing machine. (Love him!) I ended up choosing this one on sale. Not the machine that I've been dreaming about getting, but so far I think it's an awesome sewing machine at a really good price! Who knew sewing could be so easy?!

I've had it less than 24 hours and look what I've done...

This is the second trick-or-treat bag I've made in a week... 
The first one was made using my mom's cheap Brother sewing machine. It works ok, but nothing like my new one! My stitches were straight and even and it just feels like it's better constructed than the first.

Oh and did I mention how quiet this machine is? 
I'm in LOVE!

Second sewing project of the day was this fabric key chain I just made.
I posted about it several days ago.
I think it turned out pretty cute... Although it would have worked out better if I had a wider ribbon. This one was really hard to sew on because it was covering a thick seam. (Which by the way, my old machine would have laughed at me and then quit working. This one kept going like a total champ)

Next item on the to-do list..
Chargers throw pillow slip covers, sewing machine cover and a lip gloss cozy!

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