Thursday, September 30, 2010

Diaper/Wipes Case and Some Burp Cloths

I made these for a friend of mine who has a baby shower coming up.
(I hope she doesn't see these ahead of time!)

The diaper/wipes case is big enough to fit a travel size wipes case along with 2-3 diapers. These come in handy when you use more than one diaper bag... Just pull this out of one bag and put it in the other! The closure on this is a magnetic snap, but velcro would work just as well.

With the burpies I couldn't decide on what I wanted to make them out of. I wanted something absorbent... and I know that flannel will probably have the spit up roll right off. (Although I have tons of baby print flannel that I need to use up!) So I bought some terry cloth fabric... washed it and sewed one. I didn't really like the texture of it. A bit rough for newborn skin. So the next one I made with some white minky. Perfect. I'm not sure how absorbent minky is, but it's super soft!

I've decided I'm giving her both of them... I figure the one with the terry cloth would be good for some of the bigger messes as the baby gets older.

I'm definitely going to be making lots more of these in the next month or so. I need a diaper/wipes case to match my new diaper bag! I also need a bunch of new burp cloths for Baby Josiah coming next January. Not to mention for my sister and her new baby coming in February! :)

I have LOTS of sewing to get done in 4 months.

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