Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My New Diaper Bag

I found this cute owl print corduroy fabric on sale at Joann's a couple weeks ago and I couldn't resist. I knew I wanted to make something for myself out of it... I decided on a new diaper bag. I've been dreaming of sewing myself a bag for about 5 years now. (Crazy, right?) So I finally took the plunge yesterday!

I think it turned out really cute!

This bag measures about 18.5" wide by 12" tall. Magnetic snap closure on the top. 3 pockets on the outside front, one large pocket in the back and a large zippered pocket on the inside.

Now that I've finished the bag and have put all my personal belongings in it I can see a few improvements I would make for the next time... 

Instead of just putting interfacing in the pockets, bottom and straps I would also add it to the main body of the bag. Not sure why I didn't... I guess I figured having the pockets lined would be good enough. It works ok without the extra interfacing, but I think I like the feel of a more sturdy bag. 

I would also add a Velcro or button closure to the large back pocket... or even splitting up the back pocket to 2 smaller pockets. As it is right now it kind of falls open when the inside of the bag is full.

Another thing I would add is 2 pockets on the inside. One to fit my cell phone and one to fit my camera.

Other than those small improvements I really love this bag and I'm happy I decided to make it. I'll probably make one for my sister as a Christmas present with the improvements and see how I like it. Once I get things right I might even decide to start selling these! We'll see...

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